Samsung firmware update for P67 and SB850

This is a quick post to help users who are having trouble getting their Samsung F3 Spinpoint drives working with their P67 or SB850 chipsets.

**Good news, Seagate now hosts a copy of the official firmware for Samsung drives affected  by the firmware bug. Thank you to Mille for the following link:

**Upon request i have cleaned out most unnecessary files from the downloadable ISO. The file size is now 13MB from 295MB – 95% decrease.

Symptoms of this problem might be:

  • Clunky or loud drives
  • Poor performance
  • Drive not detected in BIOS

I also found out that any drive with the firmware 1AJ1001 is not affected by this bug and does not require an update – Source

Official statement from Samsung:

This patch code is released in order to solve the compatibilty problem between some mainboard (AMD SB850 chipset and Intel P67/H67 chipset) and our HDD (F3 and F3EG model only).
This patch program works only to
F3     (HD323HJ / HD502HJ / HD503HI / HD103SJ / HD105SI)
F3EG (HD153WI / HD203WI)

ISO Image Download
Start by downloading the boot CD (13.6MB):
Download UBCD-Fix (MD5: 383CE88D06EA34A2BBF9D94FA2C15B1A 14.09.2012)

Old file (295MB) – In case the new smaller file doesn’t work – Download (MD5: 0131FAEB3275AFC285B4CF212E222019 14.09.2012)

How to:

  1. Restart your PC and boot from the CD (You may have to change the boot order in your bios)’
  2. At the boot menu select UBCD FreeDOS R1.37 (Based on NwDsk V3.40).
  3. Another menu might pop up, just select the first option.
  4. You will then come to a screen that looks like this: Please take notice of the
    CDDRV drive letter. If there is no CDDRV letter then try T:
  5. In the menu select Browse or just press B.
  6. You will then be greeted with the following screen. Change to your CD drive by typing X: and press enter. Where X= your cd drive letter; which we found out in step number (T:)
  7. Now type DIR and press enter. You will see a list of  files and directories. You should take notice of the Fix directory
  8. Type cd fix (yes there is a space there).
  9. Notice: Please double check your model number and apply the correct firmware update:
    F3.exe = (HD323HJ / HD502HJ / HD503HI / HD103SJ / HD105SI)
    F3eg.exe = (HD153WI / HD203WI)
  10. Type F3.exe or F3eg.exe to run the correct firmware update for your drive.
  11. Once the firmware is update is completed turn your system off. Apparently if you only restart the flash might fail.


If your firmware version is – 1AJ10001 this update is not needed as this firmware is unaffected by the SB850/P67 SATA bug. If you attempt to flash your drive you will recieve a similar error to this:

X: > asus.exe

V 5:32 sFLASH Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.. (C) 2000-2009
>> X: ASUS.EXE @ 02:27
[10 DEh/0054h] B = F = 0 D = 07h 00h C = 0S70 CTRL: 0x0B72 INT_LN: 11
{0} [SAMSUNG HD103SJ (1AJ10001 )]… NVIDIA SATA 0054 CH: 1 DEV: 0

This program is not available for this drive.

I hope this tutorial was of some use to you  and as always, if there is any problems feel free to e-mail me on my contact page or just leave a comment in the comment field.

Good luck


  1. Albert says

    I´ll try but i can´t :

    “This program isn´t available for this drive”

    I don´t understand it!

    I used f3.exe and my hdd is hd103sj

    Apologize for my english

    • Jack says

      Hi Albert,

      There is a few possibilities:

      1. Try setting your SATA controller to IDE mode in the BIOS.
      2. Try in a different machine
      3. It won’t work over Esata from my own personal tests
      4. Your drive might not need the update. For example Firmware 1AJ1001 doesn’t require the update. It will return the “Not for this drive” error as a result.

      (If you can find out the version number of the firmware on the drive i can tell you if it requires the update or not)

      Youre English is fine by the way :)


  2. Albert says

    I´ts works.
    But look this, it´s the screen:

    [1002h/439Ch]B=0 D=14h F=01h H=00 C=01018A…ATI SB700 IDE
    SAMSUNG HD1030SJ (1AJ10001)]…ATI SB700 IDE CH:0 DEV:0

    And now i think why say Ati SB700?.If the motherboard is the Crosshair IV formula and it has the sb850.


    • Jack says

      That’s strange. But i have good news for you. You don’t need the update anyway.

      “SAMSUNG HD1030SJ (1AJ10001)”

      The firmware on your drive (bolded above) doesn’t require the update.

      Are there any specific problems you are having with your drive? That firmware is the same firmware i have on my drive and from my research it’s not able to be flashed with the update as it is already a fixed firmware.

      Edit: The fact that the software has incorrectly identified your chipset is most likely because of a programming error. Either way it’s not important.

  3. Albert says

    Ah!,the problem with the HDD is the noise of the head when read or write.

    But i´m thinking that it´s normal in this device.Because it´s works fine.


    • Jack says

      I can hear my drive when it reads and writes, but the noise isn’t anything that seems too loud or dangerous.

      If your drive is making a ‘clunking’ sound it might be worthwhile to get a replacement. If your drive is working fine then i guess there is no reason for concern, but if you are uncomfortable with the noise of the drive i would consider sending it back to the place of purchase.

      I currently have the same drive as yours with the same firmware in my P67 motherboard and it works fine, so i would bet that any strange ‘noise’ could be a manufacturing problem.

    • Jack says

      Thats very wrong!

      I would test your drive in a new system and see if it still makes those noises. If it does i’d send it back for a replacement. It shouldn’t be making that noise at all. Mine is pretty much silent.

  4. Bob says

    Just wanted to say thanks for a clear (as clear as it can get), tutorial on this fix. I bought a new ASUS MB yesterday to replace one that failed, spent hours last night online cause my Spinpoint would not boot. Was not sure on how to make a bootable CD but with this tutorial I muddled thru it. Thanks again.

  5. me says

    i have done everything but i still take this error

    SPLASH V5.32 SAMSUMG Electronics Co., Ltd. (C)2000 2009
    >>C :F3.EXE @12:05
    [8086/1C00h] B=0 D=1Fh F=02h H=00 C=01018A … pcidev_v8086_d1C00
    CH:0 DEV:1 – CMD: 0x01F0 CTRL:0x03F6 INT_LN: 14
    {0} [SAMSUNG HD103SJ (1AJ10001)] … pcidev_v8086_d1C00 CH:0 DEV:1
    This program Isn’t available for this drive

    • Jack says

      Hi there,

      My newest Samsung Spinpoint F3 has the same firmware that your drive has (1AJ10001). This firmware is newer than the firmware that the update is offering and that is why you cannot update the drive. Your current firmware isn’t affected by the SB850 or P67 bug.

      Kind regards


  6. me says

    i use MSI P67A-GD65 motherboard. i have 2 samsung HD103SJ. this one 03.2011 dates.when i open computer its starting very high sound like bad sector. other one 04.2011 dates and this work very well and silent.i want to update 03.2011 dates hard disk firmware but i got “This program Isn’t available for this drive” . i dont know if its last firmware

    • Jack says


      The firmware being reported by the error you’re experiencing is 1AJ10001 which cannot be updated because it’s newer. It is also the same firmware which i have on my Samsung drive and i also have a motherboard with the P67 chipset and have had no problems.

      I would take the drive back to your place of purchase and ask for it to be swapped over.


  7. me says

    okay.but i want to ask something else
    when i open computer i hear 1 time (tık) sound like bad sector happen. after its backing normal start. this is only happen first start. is it normal ? ( my 2 hard disk behave same )

    sry for my english

    • Jack says


      Your english is fine :).

      It depends on how loud the ‘tik’ is, If it is soft then it is normal, but if it is very loud then it is a problem. If 1 of your disks if making strange noises and the other is not then i would say that the one making noises is damaged.

      Does it sound like this?

      If your disk is new then i would take them back to the shop to be checked or replaced.


  8. me says

    yes my disk is new. i have buyed 2 for make raid 0
    my 2 hard disk behave same. i touch hard disk when loud its very sound tık 1 time and other disk too 1 time. if 1 disk makeing tık other not then i can understand it have problem. but they behave same its cause i cant understand its normal or not. and one thing more. when i do restart pc.i dont get tık sound. only i have tık sound first start

    • Jack says

      It’s hard to say without seeing the drives. If it is only 1 ‘tik’, one time when you start the PC and then no more noise, then it might be normal.

      You could try with some software called Spinrite 6 which is good at repairing bad sectors if that is your problem.

      I have to goto bed now it’s very late here :). I can reply to any more messages tomorrow.



    • Jack says

      That ‘Tik’ should be ok. I don’t think that is a problem. My drive might make a sound like that as well, but it’s in my computer so i don’t hear it. As long as it is quiet while operating i think you are ok :).

  9. deme says

    Hi , i have a mb Gigabyte 970A-UD3 and a 103SJ … my mb doesn’t see my hard drive.
    I make a USB stick with msdos and i installed the patch ..
    Is the same thing as this CD ?

    Apologize for my english

    • says

      Hi Deme,
      As long as you are able to apply the patch then it doesn’t matter how it’s done. So yes, your method would achieve the same result as my CD image.

  10. jon says

    can this fix be done from a motherboard with a SB850 chipset or do you need to take the drive and hook it up to another computer that will recognise the drive then apply the fix you described?

    • says

      Hi Jon,

      It shouldn’t be a problem to apply the fix on the affected system. If it doesn’t work then you might be forced to try a different system, but so far it seems the majority have applied the fix on the affected system without any hassles.


  11. jon says


    You are a legend mate. Thanks very much, this solved it for me. This problem has been busting my chops all day, i posted a few other places but it was you that came to the rescue. Thanks for your help and well done on putting an easy solution to this oh so annoying problem.

  12. Izzy says

    Hi Jack, does this method works for F3 models that are bricked by the bug? I can’t seem to flash the firmware because the drive is not detected in the first place.

    • says

      If the drive is undetected by the BIOS then it will be impossible to update the drive by standard methods on the affected motherboard. Your only course of action would be to update the drive by installing it into another computer and then applying the patch.

      One trick you can try though is setting the drive controller to IDE in the BIOS and see if it’s detected on boot.

      Let me know how it works out.


  13. Izzy says

    Hi Jack, thank you for your prompt reply. This is my case:

    When I plugged my F3 1TB using the Intel Z68 chipset, the harddisk made click-y sound and was not detected by BIOS. Later, I plugged the harddisk into the alternate controller (Marvell) but the disk still makes the same click-y sound. I switched to a P55 board but the issue is still not resolved yet. -> Harddisk produces click-y sound for 6-10 seconds before it powers down.

    • says

      These sort of sounds are strange and could be a manufacturing problem. It should be able to be updated on the P55 board and then work properly on the Z68 board, but if you are experiencing problems on both system i’d say you got a dud drive. I wouldn’t take any chances and sent it back.

      If you do find a solution please let me know. I often get emails with similar problems, but never enough feedback to help others in the same situation, so i don’t know what worked and what didn’t :).


  14. Jon says

    Thank you for the bootable dos iso file. In order to actually perform the firmware update, I had to place the drive in an older pc that recognized the drive and then perform the firmware update. Once I updated the firmware in the old pc, I was then able to place back in my new pc and it found the drive without any issues.

  15. Stuart Krishnan says

    Having a different issue with this, ran patch, update not needed. The hard drive must be started then rebooted before windows will properly load, after that there are no issues. Any ideas?

    • says

      Hi Stuart

      Honestly i’m not sure. What about a BIOS update for your motherboard?

      Haveyou tried the drive in both AHCI and IDE mode?


  16. says

    Hey man, you seem pretty knowledgeable about this stuff. But I have a
    Fantom Drive 2TB External hard drive. But when I opened the casing, I found it to be a HD203WI 2 TB.
    So I was watching a movie last night from the hard drive and I unplugged the usb cord by accident and the movie stopped obviously. Well I just plugged it back in and reopened the movie and everything was fine. Well I shut down when I was done and now when I start it all up. I can’t find the drive. Now I’m looking everywhere for the right driver to be able to see the hard drive again. I really need this fixed cuz I have all my lifes worth of music produce’n on it. I tried even plugging the drive into another laptop and that laptop would auto run or show the drive either when it usually does. Please help.

    • says

      Have you tried with a new USB cord? If you have a friend with a desktop PC or if you have Esata on your laptop you could buy a cheap Esata to Esata/USB dock and see if you can get thedata off it that way.

      It could also be possible that one of the sectors at the start of the drive has been corrupted which is stopping the Operating system from detecting the drive. In that case i can recommend a tool which i have used in the past called Spin Rite 6.0. Obtain a copy of this software and run it on the disk. I’ve fixed countless problem on various mechanical drives with this software so i highly recommend it.

  17. Atul says

    My hardisk show in bios only after that show windows file miss when i try to install ‘os’ drive not formatted and partition are also not deleted

    • says

      Which “OS” are you trying to install? Windows or Linux? You can try to change the ATA mode to IDE or AHCI depending on what is already set in your BIOS.

      When installing the new OS do a custom install and delete all current paritions then create a new parition and try again.

  18. none says

    you should strip out all the unnecessary files from this iso. its 282mb for a simple bootdisk. should save your bandwidth.

    • says

      Fair comment. If i get some time i’ll trim it down a bit.

      **Update** I thought i’d let you know the files size has now been reduced, from 295MB to 13MB.

  19. Dan says

    I just built a new P67 based rig and my HD103SJ is now no longer recognized by my bios. I’m burned the F/W .iso to a DVD and when I boot into it I get an error message:

    “Loading /boot/syslinux/memdisk..
    Could not find ramdisk image: /ubcd/images/fdubcd.img.gz
    boot: _”

    Any idea what the problem is? I’m about to RMA this drive, but if this actually fixes it I’d love to save myself the wait. Thanks for your help!

    • says

      That’s odd,

      I tested that ISO maybe 20 times before i uploaded it :). I’ll upload the old (larger) version and i’ll post a link here in a minute.

      **Update** Everything should be in order now :).

  20. Jeroen says

    Sir, thanks ALOT!
    Used the smaller iso just now and finaly got my new gigabyte
    970A-UD3 to see my HD103SJ

    Great help!!

  21. Vlada says

    Just a quick note for those guys that have problems with recognizing
    HD103SJ in BIOS : disconnect the SATA cable and power on the machine until the disk is fully up (about 11 seconds) .Then reconnect SATA cable and do the reset . Now your drive should be visible in BIOS and flashing of the drive might be possible !

  22. uttam says

    I mistakenly loaded my Samsung HD502HI with wrong firmware and I cant get the orignal firmware from anywhere. I believe the firmware may have been 1AG01118 or 1AG01113. Can you help anyway?

    • says

      Samsung has sold their HDD division to Seagate who are now taking care of all warranty and support issues.

      I’m off to bed now so i don’t have time to have a look, but you might be able to find a copy of the firmware here:

      If not, send an email to Seagate with the serial number and model number of your drive and they should be able to help you.

      Let me know how you go, if you have time.


  23. omda says

    u saved my ass !!!
    only in 10 minutes i downloaded the file, made the cd, followed the instructions and my 2tb hdd is working again


  24. James says

    Thank you, spent ages looking for a reason one of my two F3s weren’t detected… and the Samsung links no longer worked thanks to Seagate.

    One was 1AJ10001, but the one not being detected wasn’t. The drive would work if I removed it and re-inserted it after Windows 7 had booted.

    This was with an AMD990FX chipset and now both drives are detected correctly, during the AHCI boot.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  25. Adrian says

    in your faq “how to” point 4 under letter a and q i dont have my cddrv showed and dont have any letter program write that my cd was disabled :/ but how the heck i load your program, bios see my dvdrw your program dont :/ i try silent and optimal boot

    • says

      Hi Adrian,

      That’s a good question. I’m not sure. The CDDRV letter should be assigned after you load the software from the CD you burnt out.

      You could try making a new CD and see if that works? Maybe try in a different PC and see if you get the same problem.

      This isn’t my software, but you might be able to find some answers here: It’s their boot CD, I’ve just added the files for the hard drive flash.

      I’ve never been asked this question before so do let me know if you find a solution.

  26. Benny says

    Heya Jack,

    I was struggling for 1,5 weeks to get my HD502HJ to work again on my MSI 870a-G54 that i bought in May 2009.

    For some odd reason after i did a clean windows 7 64 bit install my HD502HJ decided he did not want to work for me anymore. I tested it thoroughly on 2 different PC’s and the drive was in perfect working condition as is the rest of my PC (i take good care of it). The drive did not spin up in my PC unless i unplugged and replugged the powercable to the HDD when my PC was running and restarted the PC to get it to show in BIOS and Windows.

    I was at a complete loss as to what the problem could have been i flashed the bios, reinstalled windows twice, changed powercables, sata cables, tried jumpers and even replaced CMOS battery nothing worked untill i found this link in google about the SB850 refusing some HDD’s. Took me 2 CD’s to burn. But what is 2 euro for 2 CD’s against 100 Euro for a new drive right.

    My Firmware version was updated from 1AJ100E4 to 1AJ100E5.
    Many thanks to you Jack and may you help a million more people.

    • says

      Hi Benny,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you got your drive to work :). Hopefully your problem is solved, but if not feel free to send me an email through the contact form or feedback (at) jack-brennan (dot) com and if i can help i will!

      Good luck


  27. Ulf says

    Hello! It doesn’t work. What do i do wrong?
    I download and decompress the MD5…. file, and copy it to a CD. Then I restart my computer, change boot priority, restart again – but nothing happends. The computer doesn’t start from the CD and Windows starts as usual. I’ve also tried to use an usb-memory with the same, depressing result :(
    My computer runs normally for weeks but then, suddenly I get a bluescreen with the message that there are files missing in Windows so I was hoping that a firmware update of my Samsung HD502HJ would solve the problem.

    • says

      Hi Ulf,

      Firstly what’s the error message you receive when you start Windows? Which file is missing, there might be a simpler solution.

      Which Windows operating system are you using?

      If you are using Window 7 or vista you can boot from the installation CD/DVD and run it in repair mode. It should be able to fix most errors where there are corrupt or missing system files. If you get back to me either via a comment or through the contact form i can help you further.


  28. Ulf says

    Unfortunately I didn’t save the note where I wrote the filename down, but since the problem occurs every other week I will soon be able to tell you, but I think it was WINDOWSSYSTEM32CONFIGSYSTEM
    I’m running XP sp3, Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 motherboard
    So there isn’t always a problem with SamsungHD502HJ and SB850 then?
    Many thanks!

    • says

      I would be useful to know what the message you get when it BSODs. It would also be useful to know the firmware of your drive – It should be written on the drive label (if you havn’t updated the firmware before then that’s the firmware you have).

      You can always check it with software such as AIDA 64, just download the trial and look in the storage tab and select your drive then choose the ATA tab.

      With regards to the bootable CD not working what are you using to burn the CD? Try CDBurnerXP and choose burn ISO and then choose the ISO file you have downloaded from me.

  29. Ulf says

    Yes! I managed to create a boot cd in CDBurnerXP, but I’m not 100% shure how because it didn’t work on the first try. Anyway, now there’s annother problem. When I reach step 4 in your instructions I read, in the black field, “UBCD:CDROM disabled!” which sound odd to me since I just booted from it. And when I further on types in my CD-letter i just get “bad command” as an answer. In bios the cd is listed correctly.

  30. zeta7007 says

    where faund the 1AG01118 or 1AG01113 firmware, I dont
    see enywere ( sorry my english, I from Hungary)?
    My problem is simular:
    uttam says:
    January 8, 2012 at 00:49
    I mistakenly loaded my Samsung HD502HI with wrong firmware and I cant get the orignal firmware from anywhere. I believe the firmware may have been 1AG01118 or 1AG01113. Can you help anyway?

    • says

      I’m sorry Zeta7007 i can’t find the firmware you need. Samsung is now a part of Seagate so you would have to send them an email and ask. They should be able to help you.

      Contact them and see if they can help you. I spent about an hour last time searching for this firmware and couldn’t find it.

      Let me know what they say.


  31. zeta7007 says

    Thanks Jack!
    I dont know what i do!
    Two driwers are dead.I flashed hd642jj from dell frimware and i forgot out the hd 103si.
    hd642jj>hd753jj S.M.A.R.T. missing, dead
    hd103si>hd103uj S.M.A.R.T. missing dead
    no see DOS or Windows ! OK! I was stupid!
    Ones more , Thanks a lot!

  32. zeta7007 says

    Hi Jack!
    Email from seagate Support:
    “Thank you for contacting Seagate Technical Support.

    We unfortunately do not have any Firmware for the Samsung drives because they are no longer being produced.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Seagate Technical Support.

    Best regards”

  33. Rob says


    I have tried this on a Samsung HD103SJ, but it updated the firmware to 1AJ100E5 and not 1AJ10001.

    I still can’t get the drive to be recognised in AHCI mode, it only works in IDE and causes the BIOS to get stuck during boot when in AHCI.

    Any ideas?

    • says

      It’snhard to say. If you have the latest firmware and it’s still not recognised maybe it’s the cable?

      Also, have you tried a BIOS update?

  34. zeta7007 says

    Hi, Jack!
    More some bad news from Samsung Support:
    ” A Samsung Electronics Magyar Zrt. december 19-től átadta a HDD üzletágát a Seagate-nek,ez okkbol kifolyolag nem rendelkezünk a levelében megemlített HDD firmware-ivel.”
    In short in english: go to Seagate!
    Its done!

  35. Snaypster says


    First of all: Thanks for this nice Tutorial.
    I just wanted to ask, if you had some kind of an update on a problem, which was posted some time ago. Its the problem, when your CDDRV isnt shown in the list and it says “cd is disabled”.
    Do you have some kind of an update for this problem? Because thats exactly mine, and the user hasnt posted an update.


  36. Snaypster says

    Ok is seem to have fixed it on my own after a couple of tries^^.

    It turns out, that the “standard”-letter for the CDDRV is “T:”, even if its not shown in the menu. I typed it in, and found my CDDRV, then applied the update, and it seems to work.

    Thanks Jack

    • says


      Sorry for the late replay. I’ve had a couple of heavy weeks at univeristy, so i’d forgotten to approve your comments.

      Thanks for letting me know you fixed the problem. It should help out others who find themselves in the same situation. It’s still strange that it happens though :S


  37. OppfinnarJocke says

    Sorry if I’m late to the party :-) Still…

    I did the F3.exe patch for one of my two HD502HJ (the other one already had the 1AJ10001 FW). My HD was updatetd to FW 1AJ00E4, at least as reported by W7 Device Manager (properties Hardware Ids). But now I see here people reporting that their HD502HJ was updated to FW 1AJ00E5. So, I’m confused… What FW shoudl teh F3.exe patch update to?

    • says


      Hi there :),

      The F3.exe is a firmware patch developed by Samsung. The following drives can be patched with f3.exe: HD323HJ / HD502HJ / HD503HI / HD103SJ / HD105SI. I would presume that each drive will have its own revision of the updated firmware with a different revision number.


  38. Cydonian says

    hello jack, where did you get this firmware update for samsung hard drive?
    I need to fix my hard drive’s firmware because it had a failure after connecting it to a desktop computer’s usb port by a usb enclosure case and it is not working now, I need to reach at my data on it. My hard drive is a samsung hm100ui 1TB 5400rpm 8MB notebook hdd. Where can I find its firmware? There are a lot of firmwares for seagate hdds but I can not find any firmware for samsung hdds. I need your help! Thanks!

    • says

      I originally got the firmware from Samsung. Just recently i’ve had another person ask me where to find the Samsung firmware and i said Samsung. He E-mailed Samsung and got a reply saying that he should contact Seagate, because Seagate now owns the Samsungs HDD devision. The reply from Seagate was that they didn’t keep an archive of the old Samsung firmware, so it wasn’t available through them.

      It seems like the old firmware files have been lost somewhre between Samsung and Seagate during the take over which is very unfortunate.


  39. Cydonian says

    There is a method for seagate hdds to talk to hdd’s firmware by connecting their hdd with using a nokia ca-42 usb data cable and a terminal software.
    Some people could fix their seagate’s broken firmware by sending some commands to firmware directly. Commands are like “U for spinup”, “Z for spindown” etc. I wonder whether these, commands, are common for all hard drive brands and models. I am really in need of help to fix my samsung’s firmware, there must be a way to fix it without paying hundreds/thousands of dollars to some blood sucking data recovery companies… I will try that nokia ca-42 usb data cable connection method for my samsung hdd like people do for their seagates.

    • says

      Sorry i havn’t replied before now, but i’ve been in a heavy exam period, so i kind of lost track of the outside world :).

      How did you go, did you manage to fix your problem?

  40. reflex says

    Thanks a lot for this, it worked perfectly :)

    FWIW, there’s a Samsung section on the Seagate website now, but this is just easier.

  41. Hans Combee says

    You saved my life!

    I got myself a Asrock A75 Pro4 mainboard two weeks ago for my server when after a few reboots my drive start making clicking sounds and wasn’t recognized in BIOS anymore. And offcourse I didn’t have a backup of every 1,5 TB…

    Can we conclude that this problem can occur with other newer chipsets also?

    Greetz from Monnickendam

  42. says

    Hello Jack,
    Thank you for sharing this important information with us first.

    If you are interested about this firmware uptade need your help. My hard disk drive, Samsung 1TB 32Mb HD103SJ. (1AJ10001) and the firmware when I drive this program is not available for this error.

    Is this firmware (1AJ10001) is not suitable for?
    or I would apply the wrong method?

    Thank you :)

    • says

      Hi Deniz,

      If you have the 1AJ10001 firmware you cannot apply the update as the 1AJ10001 firmware is not affected by the bug (Or shouldn’t be as far as i know).



  43. Ed says

    Hi Jack,
    First, great info! Thanks for the tips.

    My issue, My HD103SJ has 1AJ10001, but my HP G60-125NR still won’t Initialize the harddrive, thru USB. My bios does not have any changeable disk drive settings. I’m able to access a smaller, older WD IDE without a hitch. I’m also able to access the drive on an old XP desktop, which is where I verified the firmware and formatted. Any ideas?

    Thanks – Ed

    • says


      Have you checked in Disk management that your drive has been assigned a drive letter? Also are you using eSATA or USB, i’ve had problems with the Samsung drives when they are used with eSATA via a docking station.

      Windows 7/Vista
      1. Right click on “My computer”
      2. Choose “Manage”
      3. Choose Disk Management
      4. Do you see your drive?
      5. Try to assign a drive letter (Right click the drive)

      If that doesn’t work. Try connecting the drive via a SATA cable to see if it works when directly connected to the motherboard. If it does it might be your docking station??



  44. Lojzi says

    Hi all!
    I did it,and it’s work(HD502HJ).First try in my PC did not work,and I went to my friend,and with his PC is worked!
    THX Jack,big help!!

    • says

      Hi Alex,

      The firmware update should not erase your data. Although taking a backup before proceeding would be a good idea.

      It’s safe :)


  45. Alex says

    Well, I did it. It runs, but I lost my data. Perhaps because its a raid configuration. Then don’t forget to do a backup before. Thanks for your advice and quick answer Jack 😉

  46. James says

    I’ve just FUBARed one of my F3’s (I think??) due to it being plugged in when I flashed my BIOS. Will this work?

    Also, how do I get the files you’ve created onto a bootable USB stick so I can load them up?

    Thanks for this Jack – looks like lots of people have been successful with this – hopefully it’ll save my HDD without having to send it back as I think by flashing the BIOS, I’ve corrupted the FW on the HDD.

    • says

      Hi James,

      Corrupting your HDD by flashing your BIOS shouldn’t happen, at least I’ve never heard of it happening before :). Maybe the BIOS update has damaged the BIOS and it’s not recognizing the HDD anymore? That would be a more logical explanation.

      I suppose the question has to be asked if you can see your HDD in the BIOS? If you can’t you won’t be able to flash your HDD.

      Have you tried your HDD in another PC or via eSata or a docking station?

      If you can see your drive in the BIOS then you should be able to flash it with new firmware, but faulty drive firmware usually means that the BIOS won’t recognize the drive. Which means your in a bit of trouble.

      In regards to my download and getting in a bootable state. Just download the ISO file and use a burning program like CDurnerXP, choose the “Burn ISO”, then choose the file you downloaded and click burn.

      For a bootable USB use:

    • says

      Download CDBurnerXP

      Choose burn ISO file
      Click burn

      That’s it.

      If you want to make a bootable USB
      Download Unetbootin
      Choose “From ISO file”
      Choose destination USB and click start

      Good luck :)

    • says

      Reasonable question,

      .RAR is a compressed file format, like .ZIP. You can use Winrar or Winzip to extract the contents (the ISO file).

      This has been a concern for a few users, so i might reupload the files in the Zip format which is supported natively in Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8.

      Let me know if you have any more problems.


  47. tom says

    Well, what can I do next to update the firmware of my samsung drive. I tried converting the file to iso and burn it on a cd and usb drive. I tried the .rar file, because I have an option on my motherboard to boot from .zip. I know what a compressed file is. But I still can’t boot from any of my USB/CD drives. What do if have to do to make a bootable cd/usb drive, i tried unibootin and cdburnerxp. CDburnerxp did a already try yesterday. Am I doing something wrong? My motherboard is a GA-990fxa-ud7. (excuse me for my bad english )

  48. tom says

    Thanks! for the new iso, I downloaded it and burned the cd, and it works! But I have another problem, there doesn’t appear a CDDRV letter wenn I get to the menu of number four. What do I have to do?

    • says

      Try T:

      A commenter above wrote:

      Ok is seem to have fixed it on my own after a couple of tries^^.

      It turns out, that the “standard”-letter for the CDDRV is “T:”, even if its not shown in the menu. I typed it in, and found my CDDRV, then applied the update, and it seems to work.

  49. Mille says

    You are very welcome! Great I found this page.

    Been struggling with this computer for a while now. But this actually didn’t solve it either. Darn! Apparently i’ve got the latest firmware on the disk already, cause it doesn’t wan’t to update it. (Gonna recheck this inside of windows soon.)

    My problem is “only” bad performance. The disk response time is 1000++ ms on every process using Windows 7, sometimes even 50 000++ ms. It shouldn’t be around 200-300 ms on heavy load, on a normal machine.

    I’m on a MSI 870A-G54. And I’ve upgraded the bios and everything long before I found this web page so that’s not it. Using latest drives. Reinstalled windows several times.

    Do anyone have a suggestion on what to do now?

    (The tech support from the store I bought the disk in is kinda useless. Been having quite a lot of email conversations with them already.)

    Thanks, and keep sharing the love

    • says

      It seems like you have done everything i would have suggested. I would however suggest that you try to run a program called “Spinrite” on it.

      I’ve had this work miracles with disks that didn’t even want to boot into the operating system.

      Other than that, try the drive in another computer and see is it exhibits the same behavior.

  50. Mille says

    It’s a completely new disk, that’s the thing.
    I also want to mention that since I’ve wrote the last post I’ve tried the disk in a other computer and it works just fine. So I’m starting to thing that it’s the motherboard alone. But how to prove it so I can send it in and get a replacement?

    And thanks for the Spinrite tip, I’ve been using it for lots of years as well, but I really don’t think it will help me in this case.

    (Do you guys hang in any forums that talk about this stuff?? Would love to join, but I don’t know where!)

    • says

      Are you positive that you have updated the firmware on your Samsung drive correctly? Your motherboard uses the SB850 which produces problems almost identical to what your are describing.

      You might be able to get expert help here:
      I know a few people who frequent that forum who are “Hard drive” people.

  51. Mille says

    Yes I am. I get the very same error you wrote in your post.
    I’ve also confirmed the firmware going to the device manager in Windows, selecting the hdd and going through all the parameters there – they also report the same firmware version.

    Thanks for the tip, Jack! I’ll check it out. And thank you for your time!

  52. MortenL says

    I Got a new morherboatd asrock 970 pro3 and now my samsung hd103sj not detectet by bios. Chipset sb950 . Can i use your guide for sb850 to flash new firmware for hdd. Also do i need to use old morherboard for it becorse now it Wont shows up in bios?

    • says

      Hi Morten,

      It won’t hurt the drive to upgrade its firmware. If it’s not detected by the BIOS then you would have to flash it with the old motherboard.


  53. Paul says

    Thanks Jack, making the bootable cd couldn’t have been easier using your method. I had problems with my Giagbyte GA-890GPA-UD3H not recognising my Samsung HD502HJ after flashing the motherboard with the latest Bios. I had to flash the old bios to get it to recognise the drive! That’s until I came across your fix. I updated the Samsung firmware as stated here, then flashed my bios to the latest one……with fingers crossed I switched on the PC……yyyeeeeessssss, it worked like a charm.
    Thanks again,

  54. Ilja says

    Well, this didn’t work for me. I managed to boot from the CD but running F3.exe just prints one line (“SFlash @12:30” or something like that) and then seems to get stuck. I waited for maybe 15 minutes and then pressed reset. Luckily it didn’t kill the drive either…

    Drive: HD103SJ, firmware: 1AJ100E4

    Seriously though it’s 2012 and these people are still releasing firmware patches only as 16-bit DOS executables? I mean really, the drive could be flashed just fine straight from Windows if they gave half a crap.

    • says

      The only tip i can offer is to try running the update in IDE mode which seems to work for most people when AHCI mode fails.

      You can enable it in the BIOS.


  55. Dennis van Maasakker says


    Thanks for your tutorial, but it won’t work for me.
    I have the HD103SJ and I tried to follow this tutorial.
    But when i do the command ‘f3.exe’ he says the following at my hd103sj:

    [1002h/439Ch] B=0 D=14h F=01h H=00 C=01018A … ATI SB700 IDE
    CH:1 DEV:0 – CMD :0x0170 CTRL:0x0376 INT_LN:15
    {1} [SAMSUNG HD103SJ (1AJ100E4)] … ATI SB700 IDE CH:1 DEV:0
    This system supports ATA command only

    I have tried to do this tutorial with the old and the new files, but both won’t work.
    Please can u help me?

  56. Dennis van Maasakker says

    Thanks for your quick reaction, but my sata configuration in the bios is set on IDE.
    The other options to choose over there are Raid and AHCI

    • says

      Hmmm, i’m not sure.

      You can try in AHCI mode just to test it out. Maybe try a different SATA port.

      I really can’t help beyond this as there could be 100s of possibilities as to why it isn’t working.

      Try a different computer is possible.


  57. Paul says

    Just to add that I used ide mode and the smaller file when I had the problem of my Giagbyte GA-890GPA-UD3H not recognising my Samsung HD502HJ. just in case it helps anyone else out.
    Thanks again.

  58. Rutix says

    Hi! Just commenting to say thank you for the blog post. This fixed the problem i had with my SATAIII controller on my GA-Z77X-D3H :)

  59. Mike T. says

    Thank you so much! Worked for me with an HD103SJ on a new ASUS M5A97 motherboard which uses the SB950 chipset. Problem was exactly as described and the only issue in applying the firmware fix was that the Samsung HDD could not be seen by the CD booted OS. Trick was to boot the CD, then pull SATA and power from disk, count to 5, add power then SATA back (other orders may work) then apply F3.exe which was then able to see the Samsung HDD. Also needed to fully power off the PC to get it to recognise disk with new firmware.

    Many thanks! Mike

  60. Ivan Novak says

    Burned both version of the iso file, booted up, go over step 1 and 2, on step 3 I chose what is under number 1, not number 0, it start to write tons of text and stops at “Going resident fdapm adv:max” and stays there. Help please

  61. metin says

    I have only notebook.. and external usb box with usb 2.0 connector

    any way to make update with this combination ?


  62. pierre says

    Well after much trouble i have managed to get flashing the tool (hirens cd without anything loaded).
    It said something like updateing … (byDway it was the only drive in my second computer … old one).
    Now the drive isn’t anymore correctly recognized … size 103SJ is 128GB it should be near 1000Gb.
    What now?

    • says

      That’s a problem i haven’t seen mentioned before. If you’re 100% sure the update was a success then you can contact Seagate as it’s their patch:

      It’s extremely strange, but try the following
      1. Right click on “My Computer” and select manage
      2. Click “Disk management” in the left hand pane
      3. Find your disk in there and see if it has an area which is free space. It might have only formatted 128GB of your drive while leaving the left over 900GB as free unpartitioned space.

      If not, then you can contact Seagate who should be able to help you further.


  63. pierre says

    Well the bios already recognizes it as 128, the hdutil from samsung has problems with it, and of course i opened it in disk mgmt and diskpart to see what’s it all about.

    Can i somehow repatch it/ rerun the firmware in force mode?

    thx in advance

    • says

      Hi pierre,

      You would have to talk to Seagate about this as they have now purchased the Samsung HDD division. They have this firmware update available again via their own support page so they might be able to give you more information or offer you an RMA on a new drive.


  64. Alan-o says

    Using a gigabyte-Z77X-UD5H and am absolutely stumped by this. The drive refuses to spin up no matter what port I connect it in, and it might as well be completely non-existent as far as bios is concerned. How long is the F3.exe process supposed to take. I keep doing it but it shows nothing after upwards of 15 minutes. I don’t even know if it’s doing anything since bios can’t even detect the drive.

    • says

      Hi Alan,

      Once you plug the power into your drive it should turn on and “spin up” when the machine is turned on. If it doesn’t do anything at all when you turn on the power then there is nothing you can do from a software standpoint.

      Usually the firmware update takes around 2 to 3 minutes. But as i said, if the drive doesn’t “spin up” when the power is turned on then it’s off and there isn’t much you can do. So the first thing you need to figure out is if the drive actually powers on or not.


  65. Maksim says

    Good day!
    I’ve HDD
    Model: SAMSUNG HD103SJ, Firmware: 1AJ100E4
    Serial: S246J90Z159225, LBA: 1953525168

    I’ve made updaty my HDD’s firmware from 1AJ100E4 to 1AJ100E5.

    After that procedure i’ve got a lot of troubles, such as icredible numbers of Bad Blocks and Current Pending Sectors…..
    I think, there was a problems with compatibility among my HDD and new firmware.

    Could you help me with downgrade firmware???? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease….

    • says

      Your problems could most likely be related to the firmware update, however it isn’t me who’s designed the update so i can’t advise you on how to “downgrade”.

      Your best bet is to contact Seagate who is now responsible for these drives (it’s also their update).

      However a full format of the drive might fix all of those problems. You can also try a program called Spinrite 6.0 which is also quite good at fixing those types of problems.

      Sorry i couldn’t be of more help.


  66. cryptons says

    Thank you for this article it really helped me out on my previous drive. However I hope you can help me out on another issue. I bought another one of these drives and it has the latest firmware installed and same firmware, but for some reason it won’t allow me to change the AAM (Automatic Acoustic Management) mode to “Quiet”.

    Yet I’ve been able to do it on my two other drives. I found that the last one wouldn’t set till I did the firmware upgrade but this one already has the firmware upgrade. I really hope you can help or advise me on this and how to set this as this is my only hang up with it, as I would like it to be in the quiet mode.
    Hope you can help, cheers.

  67. sam says

    hi Jack,
    Am in a fix here, i have a samsung HD502HJ/B hardrive thad had its pcb dead, so i swapped it with onother functional pcb and now atleast it is smoothly spinning what it wasn’t able to before i swapped. What could be the problem and what is the possible solution for me to get my data back. I will be so happy if you assist me through these.

  68. Filip says

    Hi Jack
    Yesterday I’ve updated BIOS to my MSI Z87 Mpower Motherboard when My Spinpoint F3 died. clicks very loud in the beginning then calms down and I believe that stops spinning after a minute since PC turning on. After applying fix nothing happens returns – no info, nothing. When I shut the computer down and power on still the HDD clicks and makes noises. I’ve tried to do it on both modes IDE and AHCPI. I need to try it on my friends PC but if this won’t work do you think that swapping PCB would spin this again. I have so much photos to loose from this drive. Thanks

    • says

      I’ve never tried changing a PCB to be honest. As far as i know it’s super important that you get a PCB which is absolutely identical to the one you are replacing.

      This clicking issue seems pretty common and most people usually just get an RMA of the drive. That’s what i did with mine.

      As for your photos you can see if the drive spins up in another PC and maybe try to rescue as much as you can.

      I don’t know of any sure fire way to fix the problem unfortunately :(.

      Might be a good idea to get an external HDD to keep a copy of such files in case this happens again in the future.


      • Filip says

        Hi Jack
        Just letting you know that changing pcb didn’t work neither you way. The disk keeps making rattling noise – I think it’s a mechanical problem and is going to be sent off for recovery. But with this article you made awesome job. Thanks for that and your reply

  69. Martien says

    Excellent solution!
    I moved from an Intel platform to a new AMD based PC and the “Samsung” disk made loud noices and was hardly recognized! The solution provided here solved alll my problems. Thanks a lot! A bloody shame for Samsung!

  70. Byce says

    Hi there,
    having the same problem with my HD103SJ, Firmware: 1AJ100E4 running on a Gigabyte Z87x-UD4H. So far I was not able to update the firmware because of the same issue that Ilja had: stops at “SFlash @xx:xx”. Tried in IDE and AHCI mode – same result. Even waiting for 30min+ did not make it work. So my guess for now is, you can not update the drive while it is connected to an SataIII (6gb/s) port. Would make sense, since it is not recognized by the bios – which is the issue in the first place. Sadly my Mobo does not support any different SATA specification. I have some other tricks in my mind and will keep you up to date if I make any progress. Any suggestions from your side what I can try to make this work using SATAIII ports, Jack?

    • says

      We never found a solution unfortunately.

      If i had the hardware available I’d try troubleshooting the problem, but i don’t :(.

      If you have another PC available, maybe a friends computer?, then you could try flashing it on the different hardware.

      Without the hardware to test the problem myself, I’d just be guessing.

  71. Byce says

    Ok progressed a bit with my drive. Sadly it didn’t turned out all good.
    I used the SATA Port of the Marvel 88SE9172 chip and was able to successfully update the firmware. I got to the “Now updating code / Please wait for a while / Download completed successfully” part after which I shutdown the pc, waited a couple of secs plugged the drive back to Intels native ports and rebooted to check the BIOS. Drive was listed there and I thought – Well finally it worked.
    Now the bad things started. Windows is not recognizing the drive anymore – device manager lists it as unknown device. Updating chipset drivers, rebooting, plugging into different ports won’t help.Also tried the Marvel port in which I was able to flash it – nothing there. So I tried Samsungs EStool – no drive found, which means it’s not a Windows only problem. Other software like HDAT2 or SeaTools won’t find the drive as well. When I tried to flash the firmware again it stated, the Firmware was 1AJ100E5 and “THIS PROGRAM ISN´T FOR THIS DEVICE”. Well I guess I just bricked my HDD. Since I was not able to find any other Firmware to flash it back, that might be the end of it from side – if I don’t come up with an ingenious idea…

  72. ill says

    My HD103SJ with the e4 firmware would not power on when the machine cold booted. I had to disconnect it from the GA-Z87X-D3H motherboard and then just hot plug it after it spun up to make it work. I attempted upgrading it while on said MB, but I got an internal error, status = 50, unknown error occurred, download failed, etc… So I went to an older MB that still had sata2 and upgraded it from there, which the upgrade tool said it did. After that, the HD no longer booted from the sata2 MB, which worried me, but it does now seem to work properly in the newer z87x MB, so in the end it worked. Apparently the new firmware only likes the newer sata versions.

  73. edguaila says

    Dear Jack,

    I just updated my firmware and it works perfectly again.

    For the record, it was a Samsung HD103SJ (firmware 1AJ100E4) and a brand new AsRock 990FX Extreme3. It was working fine on a Asus M4A77TD PRO (chipset SB710) but not on the Asrock (chipset SB950). It’s odd because it’s not the doomed SB850. Go figure.

    Anyway, thanks for you work, time and patience.

  74. Dick says

    I just got a MSI GD65 Gaming motherboard up and running in a new build. I could not get my Samsung HDD’s to work (Nasty popping and grinding sounds). I was worried I had killed the drives but they seem to be working OK back in the old system (Now a bit torn apart for parts). However one of the Samsung HD101SJ drives did work. This led me to looking at the firmware versions and also led me here. I have a FreeDOS bootable USB flash drive ready to go with both firmware exe’s on there (I also have a HD203WI). Sadly I have to backup 903GB to a slow(ish) USB3 WD external drive. I hope both drives hold up during the copying of so much data. I’ll update you if all goes to plan.

    I can’t believe this issue has not been addressed by motherboard manufacturers themselves. Surely all it would take is a little backwards compatibility or a mode for setting such a mode?

  75. Gerard says

    Thank you very much, I had to manage my old hd103sj and you saved my day :)
    At the end of the process computer didnt shutdown it said somthing like “downloading complete” and then after I rebooted I checked my firmware version 1AJ100E5 (it was 1AJ100E4).

    Thank you again, some Samsung Support web pages dont exist anymore, without your article I would have had put the hdd into trash. You saved its life :)

  76. Kali says

    I have the hd103sj model which doesn’t want to spin up at all unless I disconnect and reconnect the power cable after when the pc is on.

    Is it safe to use the updater with more hard disk present?
    or do I need to disconnect all other hdd before update?

    • Jack Brennan says

      The Firmware update will only work on specific Samsung drives. However, I would recommend starting the update with only the Samsung drive attached.

      You can never be too careful :).

      • Kali says

        Thanks. I did the update and it fixed it.

        a bit offtopic but you seem to know a great deal of this stuff:

        WD2001FASS hdd.
        In this board: GA-MA790X-DS4 it behaved like this:
        At power on it was very loud like a fan going at high speed and after 10 sec -before the pc post- it became almost completely silent and stayed that way.

        Now I have this board: ASROCK 970 Extreme4
        and at power on it does the same but it remains loud all the time. It performs the same as before but seriously it is more loud than the cpu- and vga-fans together.

        I found something like hdd acoustic management -which I have never heard before- and I set it to lowest with hard disk sentinel and according the program it registers the settings but the noise remains the same.

        Why was it so silent with my prev. board and what can I do to achieve that again?

          • Kali says

            fan management?
            In the bios the only fan I can manage is the cpu fan.
            but what does fans have to do with the noise level a hdd makes?

            Well, it is as it is.
            WD hdd-s are best to avoid anyway.

          • Jack Brennan says

            Sorry i read “loud CPU and VGA fan” and thought you were talking about them.

            I don’t know why the HDD would be louder with a different motherboard.

  77. Radu says

    Thank you very much! You made my day. Now I can use my HDD in my SATA3 ports, without being forced to use the legacy SATA2 ones. And the HDD is less noisy :)

  78. victor says

    I´ve got an HD203WI with firmware version 1AN10003. ¿Do I need this update?
    Sometimes the disk seems to stop, but I don´t know if it has bad sectors or bad firmware. My version seems to be earlier than the one you say.

  79. EP says

    Dell has a copy of the Samsung F3 v1AJ10002 firmware update here:

    Strange is that I used this firmware update on my relative’s Dell Inspiron 580 desktop computer
    to update the firmware on the Samsung HD103SJ hard drive from version 1AJ10001 to version 1AJ10002.
    btw, I flashed the firmware from a USB Flash drive in pure DOS mode and the firmware version became
    1AJ10002 after a cold reboot [aka. power down and then power on computer].

  80. says

    Thanks for the instructions! Just to add, I found with a HD203WI and HD204UI, when the BIOS was in IDE mode that the update would just hit “Internal Error Occurred”. I had to have the BIOS in AHCI mode, but that tended to make the drives click every couple of seconds (it sounds awful) and then the firmware seemed to not recognise the drives (hangs).

    My solution was to cold boot with the BIOS in IDE mode, and switch it to AHCI mode without powering down (when you save BIOS it restarts, but that’s a warm boot). Then, I’d be in AHCI mode, without the awful clicking, and the firmware would install without any problems.

  81. Mihai says

    Many thanks, man!
    is good also for motherboards with intel Z87 chipset for same problems with Samsung HDD.

  82. Stef says

    Thank you so much for this information. I recently built a new computer with a MSI Z97-g55 SLI motherboard and recycled my HD502HJ – hdd in the new machine as a storage drive, but it was frequently disappearing and not showing on BIOS. I thought that there was some sort of critical drive problem. I just updated the firmware through your methods and it looks to be working great! I hope it stays that way. Thanks!

  83. AB says

    Thanks a lot for this! These drives won’t display on Z97 chipset too as someone above has commented, was driving me potty!

  84. Jack says

    Hi Jack

    Thanks for the easy guide! I’m currently trying to update my HD153WI drive, but it just hangs on:

    >>T:\FIX\F3EG.EXE @23:26

    Any ideas?

    • Jack Brennan says

      Maybe try setting your chipset to IDE mode rather than AHCI?
      That has fixed strange problems for people in the past.

  85. Mahadevan says

    Thanks for the Sharing This,
    I have a HD502HJ HDD with REV:A aand Firmware Version:1AJ0002 it was working before fine. from last week it is not working and as not detected in Bios
    “at the time of boot it spins than idle”
    how can i resolve this..

  86. says

    Thanks for the Sharing Information.
    I have a Harddisk Samsung HD502HJ Rev:A and Firmware Version: 1AJ10002.
    it was working fine last week but not right now.
    my findings:
    its not detected in bios as well as the tool you have provided.
    HDD spin during and few sec offter goes idle.

    Please if u Have solution share with me..


    • Jack Brennan says

      Hi Mahadevan,

      I’m not sure. Do you have an external docking, like this: which you could try the disk in? Even another PC.

      It’s har dto know what exactly is wrong with the drive as it’s a pretty generic problem you’re facing. You could try to boot the drive in IDE mode (switch from AHCI to IDE in BIOS) and see if that helps.

      If you’re still within warranty, maybe you can contact Seagate and get a replacement?

  87. Vitaco says

    I buy a New computer with sb950 (amd). Need restart me pc before start for reconice me hdd. I read this problem i same for sb850, so…i go to flash me hdd. When go to flash, appear missatge “Samsung hd103sj (1aj100e5)… Ati sb700 sata i de ch:0 dev:0. This program isn’t available for this drive.
    Me drive isn’t 1AJ10001 so i need upgrade. I change To IDE in bios, i read about this. Why i can’t? Thx

    Pd: Sorry if me english is bad…

  88. xeonchv says

    Hello. I have a F3 hdd with a z87 motherboard and I am trying to do this firmware update but I cannot flash it from the usb drive because it keep saying “An operating system cannot be found … ” i tried ahci and ide. I used rufus for making the usb drive.

    The problem is that under normal condition the hdd does not start and right now works as called by the bios, an external drive and it keeps clicking, probably shutting down and on every few minutes.

    Any suggestions ? Thank you!

  89. Moorhuhnfreak says

    Thank you so much! I upgraded to skylake Z170 platform and my old F3 HD503Hi was not recognized. Luckily I had an old pc to do the firmware update. Now it works!


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